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DEDICATED TO MY BROTHER (About the Coriolis force)

DEDICATED TO MY BROTHER (About the Coriolis force) Because the Earth is a globe spinning on an invisible axis, a point at its equator will make a circuit of 25,000 miles in the space of a day, but any point not on the equator will make a shorter round trip; the closer that point is to either of the poles, the shorter its trip will be. Put another way, a pencil at the equator travels 1,030 miles an hour, whereas another at Sarasota, Florida, moves at 930 miles per hour, and one at the North pole doesn't move at all.

This apparent difference in speed results in the Coriolis force, an effect that imparts a twist to largish events happening away from the equator. Best known is its effect on air masses: as they move away from the equator, their speed (which matches that of where they started from) appears to be faster than that of the surface over which they are traveling. This sets them turning in a clockwise twist in the northern hemisphere and a counterclockwise twist in the southern. Likewise, a cannonball fired due north will veer a teeny bit to the east, and one fired to the south will deflect ever so slightly to the west, something a skilled gunner would make an adjustment for.

The twisting effect of the Coriolis force is real and does influence certain large things like the movement of air masses, but the effect is so small that it plays no role in determining the direction in which water rotates as it exits from a draining sink or toilet. The Coriolis effect produces a measurable effect over huge distances and long periods of time, neither of which applies to your bathroom. Toilets and sinks drain in the directions they do because of the way water is directed into them or pulled from them. If water enters in a swirling motion (as it does when a toilet is flushed, for example), the water will exit in that same swirling pattern; as well, most basins have irregular surfaces and are not perfectly level, factors which influence the direction in which water spirals down their drains. The configuration of taps and drains is responsible for the direction of spin given to water draining from sinks and bathtubs to a degree that overwhelms the slight influence of the Coriolis force.

The belief that the Coriolis force influences the direction in which water drains from plumbing fixtures is widespread and has been repeated as fact in a number of venues, including popular television shows (such as world traveler Michael Palin's Pole to Pole) and even in textbooks. We can only speculate on why people are so enamored of this snippet of misinformation, guessing that it has something to do with the desire to find some of the mysteries of science in the realm of the everyday.

¡¡¡ES una leyenda urbana!!! ¿Nos vamos a Australia a comprobarlo?

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We all know that value is essential everywhere. Whatever you do, you may hope that many others admire you, and you also will respect people. This really is social rule.

Jordan 6 -

How fun! I linked to this on last weekend's weekly roundup and am just now getting around to letting you know. (I guess we were busy celebrating Easter!) Thanks so a lot for sharing!

Joserra -

Esto es lo del agua que va al derecho o al revés, no?, es que estais hechos unos políglotas, políglotas, que sois unos políglotas!!!

ace76 -

¡Hecho! Nos vamos a la Argentina, a ver que pasa!

Miguel -

¿Y tu de quien te fias mas? ¿De una pagina web (aunque tenga referencias a libros y articulos de cuyos autores no tenemos constancia de su competencia) o de las palabras de Miguel Arana, mi profesor de Fundamentos de la Física de 1º de carrera?

En fin, prueba que estoy equivocado, encuentrame dos lavabos en este hemisferio cuyos desagües vayan en direcciones contrarias.

Y si me pagas el viaje a Australia, nos vamos a comprobarlo, :oP